Button  History

In 1995 a group of about fifteen moth'ers got together and formed the Glamorgan Moth Recording Group (GMRG). Its aims are to promote moths, their habitats and to record Glamorgan’s moths via a database system which would lay down all the county’s lepidoptera records in place.

This culminated in 1999 with the publication of the first Provisional Atlas for Macrolepidoptera in the county. Four years later, a new provisional county moth list was produced, only the third time this has been done. With over 250,000 moth records now on the database, Glamorgan is one of the country’s best recorded counties for lepidoptera.

The group has continued to grow in the ten years since it was formed, and currently has over eighty members - the majority of which live, record and trap within Glamorgan. The GMRG produces a regular newsletter (monthly from April to October) and has several outdoor meetings from spring to autumn.

The next big milestone for the group will be the publication of the companion volumes 'The Moths of Glamorgan', and 'The Butterflies of Glamorgan'. The authors have been busily writing the species summaries for both of these books, with the intention of publishing the books in 2010.